Trail update 1/11/2024

Good afternoon everyone,
My name is Jason and I am the snowmobile trail coordinator for Jefferson County.
I want to take this opportunity to inform everyone of what is going on and what needs to happen in order for trails to open. To start with you will see our groomers out rolling and panning trails throughout the day today tonight and into tomorrow. We currently do not have enough snow to open on account that there is no frost in the ground and everything under the snow is wet and muddy. By not having frost we risk the idea of wrecking our landowners property and or crops. For those of you who chose not to be club members the snowmobile trail starts by having members of the club go out and get permission to use these properties. This land is not rented or payed it is simply by the good graces of the owners to allow us to use there land please thank them if you get a chance. With that being said we are hoping that by packing the first layer of snow down we can establish some kind of a firm base to work with. With several more inches of snow and frigid cold weather in the forecast we will do everything in our power to provide you with the best snowmobile experience possible. All this work is done strictly by volunteers who are passionate about the sport so please bear with as as we try to make something from nothing. The goal is not to punish you as a rider, but to protect the sport for years to come! Trail are a privilege not a right and the decision to open and close them is not taken lightly. Thank you for your time.

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